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The key feature in the ultra-wide input voltage range for railway DC/DC converters has become established. Pioneer intreXis, one of the first companies to supply this simplification, had released the first DC/DC converter of its kind 20 years ago. Today, intreXis offers a full range from 30-, 50-, 150-, 300- to 500-watt devices with an ultra-wide input voltage range. These devices cover all battery voltage supply systems: 24 V, 28 V, 36 V, 48 V, 72 V, 96 V and 110 V, in accordance with international railway standard EN50155:2021. This standard describes the following temporary and continuous supply voltage limits:

  • Minimum continuous voltage: 0.7 Un 
  • Maximum continuous voltage: 1.25 Un 
  • Minimum temporary supply undervoltage: 0.6 Un for ≤ 0.1 s
  • Maximum temporary supply overvoltage: 1.4 Un for ≤ 0.1 s

This gives a maximum range of 14.4- to 154-VDC, when the lowest and highest nominal voltage of 24 Un and 110 Un are covered in one device.

OEM’s using intreXis ultra-wide input voltage range DC/DC Converters in their products and systems are one step ahead. They have the competitive advantage to execute any railway project, regardless of the battery voltage with a single device. This simplifies the engineering, documentation, supply chain, warehousing and authorisation processes, not to mention later service and maintenance activities once a vehicle has been operating for decades.

Go ahead and halve the required number of DC/DC converter variants. Contact the intreXis team today – we can’t wait to have an exchange about your requirements, to assess to what extent an ultra-wide input voltage range could simplify your products and systems.

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