REDUCE size. REDUCE weight. REDUCE emission.

This new DC/DC converter is optimised for an output power of 100 Watt and impresses with its very high efficiency of 94.3% at input 110 VDC, output 24 VDC 100 W. The design is extremely compact, with a height of less than 31 mm. The power semi-conductors are arranged on the bottom of the circuit…

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Smallest available 30-Watt Railway DC/DC Converter

With an installation height of just 22 mm, the new, ultra-flat 30 Watt DC/DC converters are the perfect solution for applications in confined spaces. The system integration of the convection-cooled, galvanically isolated DC-DC converter is flexible and extremely easy, as it can be fitted in any…

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Xtra high power density – the new 1000 Watt DC/DC Converter

A masterpiece of engineering that is incredibly impressive in terms of device design, functions, performance and effectively available 1000 W output power over the entire temperature range. Our new all-in-one design offers you the following advantages:

The compact voltage converter with L/W/H…

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Xtra slim and light – 50-Watt DIN Rail DC/DC Converter

Installation space for electrical equipment is always at a premium in modern railway vehicles. The new DIN rail DC/DC converter from intreXis impresses with its extremely slim design with a width of only 28 mm. This is particularly helpful when you have to set up complex systems in packed control…

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Fast and future-proof charging of mobile devices

With the latest USB-C charging devices intreXis is setting new benchmarks for quick and powerful charging of mobile devices in rail vehicles. The innovative USB-chargers already meet the new EU requirements, which define PD (power delivery) as the harmonised quick-charging standard and the USB type…

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Experience revolutionary DC/DC converter designs in Hall 17, Booth 165

Always on the lookout for high-performance innovations?

Visit the intreXis team and discover game-changing developments for your applications. In addition to the award-winning UBS-C chargers, the focus is on sophisticated and exciting new DC/DC converter designs:

  • The latest generation of USB-C…
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New level reached – power supplies for multimedia equipment

Do you need to power multimedia equipment in rolling stock or various other applications? 

intreXis provides a dedicated DC/DC converter series which fulfils the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of EN 55032 Class A by a wide margin. Generally, the EMC requirements for railway…

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High-voltage isolated DC/DC converters for IGBT drivers

IGBT drivers require DC/DC converters with a very high level of galvanic isolation between primary (input voltage) and secondary (output voltage) or between primary/secondary and earth. These strict isolation requirements are necessary because of the high voltage potentials that are present on the…

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Loss of power equals loss of data? Not with the Power Manager

Do you have process-relevant control and regulation systems? With its four main functions, the DC Power Manager from intreXis offers fail-safe operation and more ...

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Design flexibility improved – new, potential-free DC-OK signal

The DC-OK signal, also known as the power-good signal or the power-fail signal, indicates that the output voltage level of a power supply will be within the nominal range. All DC/DC converters out of the intreXis Boardnet Converter Platform have been upgraded with a galvanically isolated DC-OK…

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