Specialist for power supply engineering!

Higher efficiency, more power, less components, absolute reliability - the goals at the development-start of a new converter topology are ambitious! Advanced measuring and test-equipment, more than 15 years experience in power supply design and  especially the intreXis spirit of invention result in World Leading Performance!


Since the most important criteria is the perfect integration of our power supply in your application, everything begins with a personal interview. During the design phase, you work together directly with our engineers.


Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment. We work with electronic loads from Chroma, DC-Supplies from Xantrex, multimeter from Keithly and Oscilloscopes from Tektronix. The schematics and layouts are created with Orcad. The mechanical designs are done with AutoCad. 


We are happy to discuss with you about your requirements - please contact us!


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