Power Boost - double output current at overload and short circuit

In railway-applications, a DC/DC-converter has to power frequently various load-branches. These load branches are often individually protected with circuit breakers to isolate them selectively in case of a fault. In case of such a fault (short-circuit), the DC/DC-converter must be able to source enough current to trip the circuit breaker reasonably. For this purpose, the overload and short-circuit behaviour of the DC/DC-converter is vitally important.


intreXis Power Boost - double output current

The newest intreXis 500 W DC/DC-converters have a new power-boost capability which can:

  • Source up to twice the nominal output current during startup: satisfies high peak current absorption of demanding loads during startup.
  • Source up to twice the nominal output current during a short-circuit event: trips circuit breakers reliably.
  • Source 1.5 time the nominal output power (750 W) for peak-loads up to 100 ms. 

All DC/DC-converters of our intreXis Boardnet Converter Platform are continuously overload and short-circuit proof. No overheating or damage will occur to our DC/DC-converters during any overload or short-circuit event.

Test and measurements were carried out with the 500 W DC/DC-converter, 24 V output voltage (IC303_1), to confirm the peak-power capability and tripping of various circuit-breakers. 

>> download the intreXis Whitepaper "Boardnet Converter with PowerBoost"

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