AC/DC Converter, Custom Design for your Application!

All intreXis power supplies are ideally matched to the requirements of our customers. We are pleased to develop the optimum power supply for your application. Here are some examples:

Custom power supply for advanced radiotherapy

Input voltage range: 90-264 VAC
Output voltages: 4 x 25.8 VDC
Output currents: 4 x 2.33 A
Safety and EMC according to EN60601-1
The output-voltages and output-currents are measured and continuously communicated via the RS485-interface to the host. The host can control all outputs via the RS485-interface.

Custom power supply for emergency respirator in intensive care units

Input voltage range: 90-264 VAC
Output voltage: 24 VDC
Output power: 160 W
Integrated lead acid battery charger with temperature compensation
Integrated Li-Ion Charger with CCCV characteristic
UPS function (automatic, interruption-free switchover from mains to battery) Communication interface


Let us know your requirements - surely we have already a power supply which is similar to your specifications in terms of electrical parameters, the mechanics or the required standards. We are happy to present you other reference products.

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