Power Supplies for Railway, Medical and Military

Are you buying a ticket in Sydney, Amsterdam or Zurich? Are you taking a high-speed train in China, Spain or France? These and many other highly sophisticated systems, like emergency respirators in intensive care units, are reliably powered with intreXis-power supplies.

These applications put particularly high demands on the power supply. Depending on the application, these are for example:

  • Extended temperature range
  • Highest reliability
  • Special thermal management
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range 
  • Railway-, medical- or military-standards


intreXis AG power supplies are designed optimally for your application and exceed your expectations!


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About Intrexis

Power Supplies for Railway Applications

Driven by our passion for technology and performance, here at intreXis, we are constantly researching ways to develop more efficient and improved solutions for our products.That is why intreXis Power Supplies now provides the most complete portfolio for railway applications on the market today.