Standard DC/DC Converter for Railway-Application - 16.8 kVAC Isolation

DC/DC Converters for applications which supply a secondary circuit with a high voltage potential between output and earth, like modern gate drive units. 
The high voltage potential between output and earth can reach up to a couple of kilo-volts. IGBT drivers for 3.3 kV to 6.5 kV IGBT applications are an example.
intreXis AG has overcome this challenge and has designed DC/DC-converters with impressive isolation test voltage between primary and secondary of up to 16.8 kVAC, 50 Hz, 60 sec.

Ultra Wide input (>10:1), 70 W dc/dc converter with ultra high primary to secondary isolation

Picture Part number Input voltage
Input voltage
Output 1 Output 2 Download
IC332_2 24,36,48,72,110 VDC 14.4...154 V +15V/70W   PDF


24,36,48,72,110 VDC 14.4...154 V +24V/70W   PDF
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