DC-DC Converter compliant to Railway Standard IEC 60571

For railway-applications, requirements for electrical and environmental operating-conditions, design requirements, construction and testing are defined in following main standards:

European Standard: EN 50155:  2017
International Standard: IEC 60571 2012

The requirements in these two standards are nearly identical, except for minor differences in terminology and definitions. Being more recently updated, the EN 50155-standard specifies some requirements more in detail.


EN 50155

IEC 60571

Operating temperature

 Six operating temperature classes are defined:


Short term thermal conditions are specified with the switch-on operating temperature classes:


Test cycles A, B and C are defined to perform the dry heat test for above temperature classes and their combinations.

 Seven ambient temperature classes are defined:


 Short term start up thermal conditions are defined in an additional column within above temperature classes.


No test cycles for dry heat test are defined.

Interruptions   of voltage supply

 Three “interruption voltage supply classes” are defined:


Specifies clearly that the interruption is caused by a short circuit of the DC supply distribution line and that the input voltage may reduce to 0 V.

In this case, the DC distribution system presents a low impedance, which can cause reverse current from the device under test.

 Two “interruption of voltage supply classes” are defined:


 No specification of type of interruption.

All DC/DC-converters from our intreXis Boardnet Converter Platform are fully compliant with both standards and therefore can be used in worldwide applications.

For a detailed analysis of all differences of the two standards, please contact intreXis for advice.

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