About intreXis

Power Supplies for Railway Applications

Driven by our passion for technology and performance, here at intreXis, we are constantly researching ways to develop more efficient and improved solutions for our products.That is why intreXis Power Supplies now provides the most complete portfolio for railway applications on the market today. 

With output power ranging from 50 to 500 W, an ultra-wide input voltage range (14.4 to 154 VDC) and an extended temperature range (–50 to +85°C), the intreXis Boardnet Converter Platform power supplies are ideally suited to railway applications around the world, from traction converters, video surveillance systems (CCTV) and train control and management systems (TCMS) to e-ticketing and passenger information systems (PIS).


Custom Power Supply

When your system power needs cannot be met by standard products, intreXis utilises its world-class power design capabilities to provide a solution specific to your requirements, giving you the optimal customised power supply unit.

intreXis is a leading custom power supply designer, manufacturing high-efficiency, high-power-density power solutions for a variety of markets and applications, including transportation, medical and industrial.


Proven Technology

Our low-risk approach and proven technology platforms ensure that we meet your cost and performance targets without compromising the time to market for your own product launch. At intreXis, our people and processes are set up to act as an extension of your internal resources, working as your trusted and expert partner at every stage of the project, refining power specifications in order to ensure optimal cost/performance trade-offs and highlighting any areas of risk associated with your project.


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