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Loss of power equals loss of data? Not with intreXis UPS Systems!

Do you have process-relevant control and regulation systems? With its four main functions, uninterruptible Power Supplies from intreXis offers fail-safe operation and more ...

Uninterrupted switchover – the needs-based switchover from normal operation to battery backup operating mode is the core function of the UPS Systems. It guarantees safe operation and reliably protects against voltage drops, flickers and power the full information in our news section!

Uninterruptible power supply with DC Input

Input voltage range: 24 VDC
Output voltages: 8 x 24 VDC
Power: 480 W
Each output with individual electronic current limitation.
Ethernet and USB Interface to control and monitor the 8 outputs.
Integreated charging system for temperature compensated charging of lead acid batteries or charging according to CCCV for lithium-ionen-batteries (Li-Ion) or Lithium-Eisenphosphat-Akkus (LiFePO4).
Uninterruptible switch over.

Uninterruptible power supply for medical application

Input voltage range: 90-264 VAC
Output voltage: 24 VDC
Output power: 160 W
Integrated lead acid battery charger with temperature compensation
Integrated Li-Ion Charger with CCCV characteristic
UPS function (automatic, interruption-free switchover from mains to battery) Communication interface


Do you have individual requirements for uninterruptible power supplies? We would be happy to develop your customer-specific UPS. 

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