Field-proven technology – intreXis flat-battery start units 750-/1500-VDC

Contact line-powered DC/DC converters are definitely subjected to the toughest conditions and belong to the royal class of power supplies. They experience remarkably high energy surges that cannot be recurrently absorbed by traditional components such as varistors or transorbs. intreXis’ unique active surge limiter stage does not absorb surge energy. Instead, it stores and recycles this energy over time into the converter stage. This means that the surge limiter can withstand long, repetitive surge impulses on a permanent basis.

intreXis offers two mature series with a proven track record in many projects around the world: IC50x for 600/750-VDC and IC52x for 1500-VDC electrically powered traction systems. These traction voltages are typically required in public transport vehicles such as trams, metros and light rail.

As well as the continuous 250 watts of output power, both series supply an additional high-power boost of 400 W/0.5 s for triggering large contactors. The incredibly compact design and high-power density is made possible by using the latest silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor technology which ensures high conversion efficiency. All heat-generating semiconductors are thermally bonded to the baseplate. As a result, the cooling takes place by conduction via the baseplate and, in addition, by free-air convection. This proven cooling concept also provides exceptional mechanical robustness which is required when the device is used in a roof-mounted or underfloor container. The IC50x and IC52x dead-battery starter units meet all the requirements for the input voltage range in accordance with UIC 550 and with EN50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock. Contact intreXis for design support or further information.

Datasheet IC50x

Datasheet IC52x


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