intreXis expands its range of high-performance DC-DC Converters with the new 75 W family, providing a single-output voltage of 15 V / 75 W, 24 V / 75 W and 12 V / 60 W.

These converters are designed according to EN 50155 and EN 45545 for railway applications and are ideal for other demanding environments which require the highest performance and reliability.

All these converters feature:
- very high efficiency (up to 93.6 % at 110 V operation)
- wide operative temperature range (-50 °C to +85 °C) without power derating
- very high galvanic isolation (3300 VAC, input to output)
- inrush current limitation
- hold-up class S2 according to EN50155

Due to the ultra-wide input voltage range, that covers all nominal input voltages according to EN50155 (24 V, 36V, 48V, 72 V, 110 V), and to the outstanding power density, these converters are the ideal choice for new installations, as well as for maintenance of existing ones.

Test an unit and try the intreXis leading performance!

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For the power supply of Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and injectors, intreXis offers specific, railway-proven DC-DC converters. Two power classes with either 150 or 500 watts are available with 48 VDC or 52 VDC output voltage. The Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) will be optimally supplied in the...

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The successful intreXis Boardnet Converter Platform can now be used for harsh environmental conditions. The 300 Watt DC-DC converter is now available in an extremely robust aluminium housing. The IP66 housing protects the DC-DC converter from dust and water ingress. The sealed cable glands also...

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intreXis developed a new 500 W DC-DC Converter with Power Boost function. The Power Boost does have outstanding advantages:

  • Sources up to 40 A twice the nominal output current during startup: satisfies high peak current absorption of demanding loads during startup.
  • Sources up to twice the nominal...
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